Singing Telegrams
& Gag-grams

Birthdays, Retirement Parties, Engagements, any special occasion. Several characters to choose from!

The Characters

  • The CHICKEN can ruffle some feathers.
  • Lola may be a DUMB BLONDE but she knows how to get attention.
  • The GORRILA can be a real charmer. OR, for a little “wilder” experience, it can do a strip tease (out of a cop uniform or a French maid outfit).
  • Charm may be a NERD, but she can tickle your funny bone!
  • Fifi the FRENCH MAID brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” to her performance that can make people blush.
  • Candy, the CHEERLEADER can really shake her pom-poms for ya and make you feel like a hero.
  • And of course, Trixie the Clown is always ready to clown around at the drop a nose.

    And More!
Basic Singing Telegram

An appropriate song, some comedic interaction, and the “Happy Birthday” song.

Deluxe Singing Telegram

a Basic Singing Telegram and includes a Balloon Flower Bouquet.

Personalized Singing Telegram

We will ask you a number of questions to “get the dirt” on the telegram recipient to make it all the more (respectfully) FUN!
NB: Please give at least 1 week notice for personalized telegrams.

Deluxe Personalized
Singing Telegram

Includes the Personalized Singing Telegram AND a Balloon Flower Bouquet.

MC Fed Ups Gag-Grams
Singing Telegram

MC Fed Ups will use the information you provide to write a personalized rap song for the birthday person.

Video Option

Get a video of their reactions!


Looking to add a dash of delight to someone's day, no matter where they are? 🌟 Work, home, or anywhere in between, our cast of zany characters is ready to jazz up any occasion! 🎭 Imagine Elvis crooning love songs to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, or a hilarious gorilla, decked out in a French maid or police officer outfit, bringing the giggles to your friend's retirement bash! 🎉🦍 Don't worry, though - our performances are all about family-friendly fun! Expect loads of laughter (and perhaps a few rosy cheeks) when we're in on the surprise! 😂💖

*** Travel fees are set to 60 cents per kilometer outside of Kelowna***

We reached out to book a singing telegram for my grandpa on his 90th birthday! Charmaine was super helpful with setting it up, very responsive and was incredible to work with! She was wonderful with my grandparents and they even sent a video of the whole thing so we could watch it and have it as a memory after! Definitely a great way to add some quirk and spunk to any celebration! Highly recommend.

Review via

Thanks so much for visiting my Uncle Frank on his 80th birthday today. It sounds like he had a blast!

Chris P.

My brother-in-law emailed me the pictures. I never laughed so hard. The look on Sharon’s face was worth it. She will now be planning her revenge, but it will never top your performance. Great job – thank you so much!

Diane Hagan

Wanted to send a message of love to family in kelowna, but I live in another city. Silly of the Valley came to the rescue, everyone was impressed and raved about how professional and talented they were. Thanks guys.

Review via

Awesome. Have had the experience to hire Mr. Brown Nose and kids just love him.

Review via

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